A comprehensive range of products enables Senior Aerospace BWT to provide integrated system solutions, both modular and aircraft specific, which optimise weight, cost, installation time and effective use of the space envelope

Thermoplastic Composites

Manufactured from proprietary ultra-lightweight reinforced composite materials that offer smooth bore solutions, Senior Aerospace BWT’s semi-rigid thermoplastic ducting is the ideal partner for the flexible range when employed as part of a system solution.

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BWT has developed, in conjunction with a partner, a new thermoplastic composite range with a Technology Readiness Level between TRL levels 7 to 8, with parts due to be manufactured for use on an aircraft platform later this year.

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Flexible ducting for both low and high temperature applications available with urethane/nylon or silicone-based constructions for low and high temperature applications respectively, flexible ducting can be supplied as standard circular or shaped profiles, incorporating transitions, set bends and various end-interface connections.

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These acoustically-insulated ducts can be supplied in flexible or semi-rigid constructions incorporating a wide range of profiles and end connections. They can be manufactured in standard straight lengths or designed and built to a bespoke design.

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